FOX HC 180 2015 race kit as used by Feehily mx.

FOX 2015 HC 180 KIT

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Polisport folding bike stands as used by Team Feehily MX riders


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Rock Oil the number one oil in motocross ,used and sold by Feehily mx 



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Featured product is new RFX Handlebars used by team Feehily mx riders .



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 Todays featured item is Pod mx K8 Adult knee braces which team Feehily mx riders use 


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This Weeks Featured Item Are Race fx Footpegs Which Team Feehily Mx Riders Use.


rfx wide footpegs

Featured Item Today Is Muk Jukie Bike Cleaner As Used By Team Feehily Mx Riders

muk junkie bike cleaner

Muk Junkie Bike Cleaning Solution – Wash, Rinse, Race – it doesn’t get any better. Muk Junkie Bike Cleaning solution is a highly active, yet gentle and safe product for all dirt bikes, quads, mountain bikes and BMX’s. Our chemists have developed the formulation to effortlessly shift the heaviest mud, dirt and grime from your ride without damaging any of the machine’s parts. This fast action cleaner is; Safe on anodized and un-lacquered aluminium, plastics, wheels, tyres, carbon fibre parts, forks and shocks, controls, brakes, exhausts, titanium parts and rubber. Suitable on all finishes including paint, powder coating and polished surfaces. Super quick to use, simple spray it on, rinse it off and you’re ready for the next race. Won’t damage any surfaces including seals and brake pads. Will shift all grime even the heaviest of deposits after the dirtiest of days out riding. Free from solvent so won’t damage sticker adhesive or graphic kits. At Muk Junkie we spend time perfecting our formulations so you can buy the best cleaning products at the best prices, we don’t make our Bike Cleaner for anybody else! By selling direct to racers and riders you can be confident you are using the No.1 Bike Cleaning product and enjoy maximum value for money. As with all of the product ranges, Muk Junkie Bike Cleaner is environmentally and user friendly, totally acid free.


Team feehily mx rider use dunlop tyres.

dunlop mx tyres


The Geomax MX11 further extends Dunlop’s range of motocross tyres. Both front and rear tyres boast innovative features that help deliver optimum traction in a variety of sand and mud conditions while providing enhanced stability even under challenging track conditions.

• Fits 250cc/450cc 4-strokes and 250cc-and-up 2-strokes.
• Specifically designed for sand and mud use.
• Narrow-profile block faces help chisel through and penetrate the sand surface for increased traction and great feel for smoother handling.
• Geomax “stabilizer” cross-shaped tread block design helps provide enhanced straight-line traction at speed and during braking, while also assisting lateral stability and braking in corners. This unique design also provides block stiffness for strength and enhanced tyre longevity.


• Crescent-shaped curve in the tread blocks creates a turbine effect to help provide enhanced straight-line traction, braking stability and self-cleaning properties.
• Recessed flex joints between the tread blocks give the tyre improved compliance for enhanced traction and ride comfort as well as lighter weight.
• Circumferential channels in the tread help enhance stability.